Cryptographic Notarization

Dash Whitepaper Cryptographically Notarized on the Blockchain

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 10.27.47 AM


So I was playing around with and and realized that I could use both these services to store the Dash white paper on the Bitcoin blockchain for ever.

I’m using this version of the White Paper and this is the Bitcoin Address provided by I used shapeshift to send some Dash which was then deposited by Shapeshift into the Bitcoin address provided by Cryptopublicnotary. After this was done my document was locked forever in time on the Blockchain.

“I’m not sure what happened at this point… Here is the block that processed the tx:

Shoutout to Alex Sherbuck for all his hard work at

Total cost to save this document for ever on the blockchain. Let’s walk through it. I sent 1.01 Dash from my local wallet to Shapeshift. That cost me 0.01 Dash for the Instantx TX. There was 0.1249369 Bitcoin deposited into the address. Since this server is super awesome it even provides a WIF key for me to extract the BTC after the contract has hit the blockchain.