Blockchain Proposal Thoughts

Proposals to benefit the blockchain and entire eco system

I’m sitting here reading through some of the suggested proposals and can’t help but think to myself. WTF are all you smokin’? Sorry to rip you guys all up but I feel you have all really missed the point on this one. I personally think we are looking for proposals that improve the blockchain level of this system. We aren’t looking for developing end user services and the such. Those will come after.

This train of thought I’m on started after reading BCT the other day. More specifically this post. I think there is some really valuable pieces to be taken away from this video and more importantly this is almost a direct challenge and I don’t think we should back away.

“I don’t know enough about Dash and whether it’s privacy model really works. I’m don’t think anybody really does, I would guess. It hasn’t actually been attacked by researchers who know a whole bunch about about privacy. The thing I always say about attacking the system is until you have something like the silk road which is worth attacking because there is a whole bunch of value being exchanged there, that someone has an interest in either stealing or taking down, I DONT THINK YOU KNOW IF YOU’RE SECURE…”

This is a short excerpt from the comments in the video. Gavin goes on to talk about how they are very conservative in Bitcoin Core trying to make sure everything they do is reviewed by the proper people. So this really got me to thinking. During this thinking I came across this comment in Github:

This comment is a brilliant exchange between a dev from finding an engaging with our dev’s about an issue he found while looking through the code.

After thinking on these two things for a few more beers my mind also wandered back to Krystof Atlas and the code review he did a while back prior to use releasing Darksend. Krystof was engaged to do a full review of the source prior to release. It turned out to be quite a powerful bit of work done to improve things.

Ok, ok, get to the point. My point of all this is maybe we are looking too big when we think of these first proposals that we the masternode operators might want to vote on.

Do we need more stuff to make it user friendly sure, but wouldn’t you argue that getting full acceptance and support from the Bitcoin core dev’s might go further then that? Perhaps we should take Gavin up on his offer.

Perhaps we should use the first 7000 Dash available to fund a simple multi-sig address. Prior to moving the 7000 Dash into that address it should be fully mixed for 8 rounds. We then put out the wallet address to the community and ask for their assistance in cracking the anonymity of Dash (tell us the source address the funds actually came from prior to mixing and ended up in the multi-sig address would win a prize), being able to steal the coins would be another prize.

Now this is only about $25,000 in fiat dollars. Might not be enough to entice the real big dogs but at least we could make a marketing push with the contest! We could pivot this idea to simply create a bug bounty program that paid dev’s for finding bugs. I realize this isn’t a solution for everyone but I thought it was worth the post and the discussion.